Aird Sakol are the one stop shop for all your business accounting needs, offering flexible payment options and reliable service provision. Running a business? Want to keep precedent on the costs and on where your organisation is headed? Why complicate matters by outsourcing to numerous accountants for bookkeeping, payroll or accounts preparation. Contact Aird Sakol today we are your single source for all of your business and personal accountancy requirements. Aird Sakol offer:

Accounts Preparation

What we refer to as the ‘bread and butter’ of accounts; Aird Sakol prepare your businesses’ annual accounts efficiently and effectively in readiness for annual self-assessment tax purposes or if and when they are required. Aird Sakol can work with your business throughout the year equipping you with the relevant information to enable and empower you to make the best decisions to improve profits and encourage growth.

Accurate and timely preparation of annual accounts is not only a requirement but an essential step to the creation of a prosperous business. Ignorance of what is happening in your organisation is an extremely dangerous and often costly mistake, as that is when costs can spiral and margins can slip. Aird Sakol provide a comprehensive accounts preparation service either throughout the year or at key dates in the financial calendar. Aird Sakol ensure no late penalties shall be incurred and business owners a renewed control over their businesses.

We also aim to sit down with our clients and discuss in detail their exact financial position and advise as to the next best steps to ensure the continued development of your business. Ultimately Aird Sakol want to pinpoint any potential problems and to identify money making or saving opportunities.


Bookkeeping is the recording of all the financial transactions that are undertaken by an organisation whether you are a SME, charitable organisation or sole proprietor bookkeeping is an essential part of running a business. Bookkeeping lets you see what has been spent, what had come in, what the business owes and what is the business is owed. Aird Sakol’s comprehensive and flexible bookkeeping service works alongside our clients to assist and manage your business’ bookkeeping. Our service can include the preparation of VAT returns and we will work alongside you to provide your company with accurate information essential in the preparation of annual accounts.


Aird Sakol provide a complete payroll service in administering and maintaining your company’s payroll. We provide weekly, monthly or 4 weekly payslips and payroll summaries to keep you best informed. Aird Sakol ensure compliance of the legislation and advice on the correct amount of PAYE to pay each month to H M Revenues & Customs and also produce all end of year returns.

Management Accounting

Our management accounting service assists your business in the provision of information on a regular basis to assist in the running of the company. If company financial information is required by the bank or for tax purposes our management accounting service can take care of this. Aird Sakol’s management accounting service makes for a well informed business owner, puts you in the best decision making position and makes for a profitable business.

Corporate and Personal Tax

The legal obligation for accurately reporting and correctly calculating corporate tax liability lies with the business owner. Aird Sakol will advise you the statutory business requirements your company should be adhering to in terms of tax legislation. The personal approach we adopt allows us to advise you on the most efficient ways you could be fulfilling your tax responsibilities. Aird Sakol prepare corporate tax returns and review your situation to ascertain how your company could be the most tax efficient.

Our personal tax service advises and guides you on the best way to complete your self-assessment tax forms and have them submitted accurately and on time. Aird Sakol spend time analysing your personal financial situation and advocate our clients on how to benefit from certain tax opportunities and how to best avoid potential tax pitfalls. Our comprehensive personal tax division also offer services on dealing with inheritance issues and offering expertise and guidance on a wide range of personal taxation issues. Contact Aird Sakol today and find out how we can help you.

Business Advisory

Aird Sakol’s business advisory service aims to bring together our accounting services with sound financial advice focusing on how best to run and importantly grow your business. Our business advisory service looks back with the aim of moving forward, we review past financial accounts to advise our clients on the best potential next steps for your organisation. We work closely with you to provide a quality service and sound well informed advice our business advisory service aims to:

  • ensure the is company functioning effectively financially
  • that all financial requirements and compliance are in place
  • plan strategically to improve profits and promote company growth
  • identify and eliminate any potentially harmful issues
  • identify and make the most of any potential money making opportunities